What are the new residence requirements for Australian citizenship?
  The Government will be moving amendments to the Australian Citizenship Bill 2005 . Commencement of the legislation is subject to passage through the Parliament. If it is passed during the current sittings the legislation could commence as early as Australia Day 2007, 26 January.
  The new residence requirements will only apply to people who become permanent residents on or after commencement of the legislation.
  People who are permanent residents before the commencement of the new legislation will only need to meet the current residence requirements (presence in Australia as a permanent resident for periods amounting to two years in the last five years including one year in the last two immediately prior to making the application) provided that they apply within three years from the day the legislation commences.
  At the moment, the Australian Citizenship Act 1948 provides, for applicants to be eligible for Australian citizenship, they need to have spent a minimum of two years permanent residence in Australia in the last five years, including at least 12 months in the last two years.
  Permanent residents who apply for Australian citizenship before the legislation is changed will need to meet the current residence requirements.
  Absences of up to 12 months during that four year period will be allowed, with no more than 3 months in the year before making the application.
  The changes will recognise time spent in Australia as temporary residents prior to the acquisition of permanent residence. Up to three years of temporary residence can count towards the four year residence requirement for citizenship.
  Australian citizenship is a privilege not a right. The Government is focused on ensuring that citizenship applicants have spent a reasonable period of time living in Australia so that they are familiar with the Australian way of life, and to appreciate the commitment that they are required to make when they become citizens.
  The new requirements also recognise the changes in the migration programme over the years which have resulted in an increasing number of people spending significant periods of time in Australia as temporary residents prior to becoming permanent residents.
  Yes. The United Kingdom requires five years lawful residence with no more than 450 days absence during that time. The United States requires five years permanent residence with absences of up to six months each year. Canada requires three years of permanent residence.
  如果这个提议在上下议院通过的话,将于明年澳洲国庆节(1月26日)实行。届时,要想成为澳洲的公民,必须在澳洲居住4年。 具体给大家分析一下,

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